Chad Holtz lost more than hell… he lost his job

Chad Holtz, about whom I blogged a couple of weeks ago concerning his views on hell, has lost his job in a United Methodist Church. A news article about it is here. He writes about what’s happening to him on his blog, Dancing on Saturday.

It’s a shocking development, especially given he wasn’t working in a Baptist church, but in a United Methodist congregation. Apparently, it’s hard to get rid of a Methodist pastor once they’ve been ordained and attained the status of elder, but since Holtz is still a Divinity student, it was relatively easy to get rid of him.

Ironic, given what the founder of the Methodists had to say:

The requirement for salvation is such a divine conviction of God and the things of God . . . as even in its infant state, enables every one that possesses  it to fear God and work righteousness. And whosoever, in every nation, believes thus far, the Apostle declares is accepted.” -John Wesley, “On Faith”

My prayers are with him in this time.


What I lost losing hell–well, what Chad Holtz lost

You know it’s big news when it hits the times. Yes, the controversy over Rob Bell’s new book warranted an article in the newspaper of record.

A thoughtful post on the topic from Chad Holtz at the Emergent Village blog.