Thinking can undermine religious faith

That’s the headline in the LA Times.

No doubt the study is in some sense accurate. But it reminds me of when I used to ride the T in Boston on Sunday mornings to my field ed site in downtown Boston. At the MIT stop, the train would fill with students on their way to services at one or another Evangelical Church in the downtown. Human beings are quite capable of compartmentalizing.


One thought on “Thinking can undermine religious faith

  1. The headline (“Thinking can undermine religious faith..”) misrepresents the findings that the article summarizes. For that matter, the reporter misinterprets the data as well. “Scientists have revealed one of the reasons why some folks are less religious than others: They think more analytically, rather than going with their gut.” But we are never told what is meant by “religious”? The study seems to contrast contemplative versus evangelical religious attitudes, rather than distinguishing between “reason” and “belief”. It might also explain the different attraction of liturgical versus non-liturgical forms of religious expression. Finally, it suggests why some people and denominations are more inclined to pay attention to theology while others emphasize religious experience. As the concluding observations indicate, “belief isn’t set in stone, but can respond to a person’s context” and.”Even deeply religious people will point out they have had moments of doubt.”

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