Making use of digital media: Madison Episcopal Churches get national publicity!

I was at the CEEP (Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes) conference last week and met Jake Dell, whose insights I value. He blogged on the conference over the weekend, offering suggestions on how mainline denominations might utilize digital media more effectively. Here’s his original post.

One of his suggestions seemed to fit in very well with what we are already doing here in Madison. I shared our joint website with him and he has now blogged about our efforts and offered more suggestions. Read his follow up post here.

Our efforts began quite by accident as we brainstormed how we might leverage our limited funds for publicity more effectively. It’s also a direct result of our common efforts in other areas, all of which were generated because we Madison rectors meet regularly for lunch.

Our joint website is here:

Thanks for the hat-tip, Jake, and for the other suggestions. I’m sure we’ll be talking about them when we meet again tomorrow.



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